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  • Wow! A whole day went by at WiiChat without Darkprinny's presence. It's an ill omen. A right terrible sign. You know that's very irresponsible of you, mate. A lot of people look up to you and consider you a legend! lol
    Cool story bro. Only thing is, it seems to have jew'd WiiChat in a particular nazi-ish way.
    He's another member that I suggested and got completely ignored...
    He seems to not have the ability to post anymore, and yet he isn't banned... I don't understand that one, but he hasn't been back in some time so I wonder...
    I left a request in the staff chat. If I get no response by tomorow I'll try emailing 4nines.
    To be honest though, I've tried to get them to hire you on for as long as I've been a mod myself. Hope they can see my side this time.
    What do you think undertakers answer is going to be tonight on monday night raw?
    You accepted! :yesnod: I guess I should edit my friends list.. I have quite the number of.. Well, not so great members. X_X but at least the great 'Dprinny' is on there now! :lol:
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