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  • You accepted! :yesnod: I guess I should edit my friends list.. I have quite the number of.. Well, not so great members. X_X but at least the great 'Dprinny' is on there now! :lol:
    Have you seen this new spammer, hes online with two accounts at the same time..X_X.
    Same here. I should start taking people off my friend list, or stop accepting all these people..i have over 100...too much.
    True but, you only have 8 visitor messages..is everyone a noob comared to you?:lol:.
    O_O. I didnt even know you accepted my friend request. What made you accept it?
    Hey, have you played a PS2 game called Eternal Poison? Just bought it. The gameplay is a little like Disgaea.
    Message virginity stolen by my Lv.149 Trickster
    (She'll be a Master Thief soon)
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