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  • Yeah - I hate those little **** heads. They never win a game and only serve to irritate. I consider them to be little lawn mines with no skill and no sense for competition. Now, if they actually blew you up and didn't merely kill themselves it would be different.
    You shall be destroyed! I think I added your FC - add me and maybe we can enjoy a rousing blast or two.
    I'm interested in joining the clan. My friend SniperBait said he was in and we work better as a team... Want another 47 who doesn't quit? I already added you.

    4664-6377-0009 -00zaner
    Looks like your clan is growing. I guess I'll have to find you guys and blast you into the past. I am the Rogue General, after all.
    Hi Mate,

    I've added you. My FC is 3580-3606-0338

    I would like to play you and you can tell me if I'm good enough or not.

    See you on the battlefield.

    Dorian (aka Agent D)
    Ok... First, my FC is 2532-7252-2730.
    Second, my "role" is full-on assult with the terralite III.
    Third, I'm lv 34 and counting.
    (I do snipe here and there, but get way more points and kills when I run and gun.) Let me know if I meet your expectations. Thanks!
    Heya Deku. I'm lv 34. I'd like to join a clan, but not sure wich one. My KDR is barely over 1.01 due to the fact my 8 year old brother was messing around on it. My usual KDR is 1.5 or better (or worse... off days ya know?) Anyway, let me know what you think.
    Hey Deku, GGs last night my friend, you're hosting was a bit choppy for me but you are a good player. If you want to swap fc's let me know. Thanks RS Goldie
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