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  • Yeah, Smash is the only game that was entertaining me for more than a few years. If a new Wii U comes out for a cheaper price, I'd pick it up too. Right now, I just have Pokemon to entertain me which isn't saying much...
    Randomly logged on today and I get a message from you? Is this fate? lol jk Anyways I've been playing pokemon, waiting for another great game. What about you?
    The character limit came into existence solely t' prevent that compliment. You bein' nice is against the natural order'a things.

    **** that noise, I'm ass at Brawl. Project: M is how the skillful Smashers like myself do things.
    Can ya blame me? Sushi is ****in' delicious.

    Smashing, literally. Will be moreso once Winter has arrived in full. You?
    Pfft, I'd rather be called ugly than associate myself with your space.

    How the **** are ya doin', ya knife-tongued bastard?
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