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  • I can do so much more, but it's so difficult to learn all the tools and stuff.. xD It's free, but takes a lot of memory. :(
    Alright! :) I downloaded this thing called GIMP, and I can make all sorts of Siggy's, avatars, etc. Just look at the site's banner, (in my album), and tell me how AWESOME it is. :lol: !! Oh, and we've always had a brother-hood, heck, I probably know you more than anyone else, and I never met you in person, but I feel like you're my long-distant brotha! xD
    I feel like this site will make it far. xD Oh, and it's not a "forumotion.com" like thing, I switched it to "pforum.biz" xD (.biz looks cool, to me..) :lol:

    To be honest, I'm not sure what's going on. :lol:

    It was some sort of Xbox/PS3 thing we were arguing about...and he just started being an asshole; but I thought he was just joking around.

    So I played along with him and we both started sending a bunch of messages back and forth to piss each other off.

    It wasn't meant to be serious at all...at least I didn't think it was meant to be serious.

    Now alman is starting to sound like he actually IS pissed off at me.
    xDD, I got to go to bed, but I'll be on tomorrow! :) There's a site to it, and it's on forumotion! :lol: I'll give you all the stuff to it tomorrow! :D Night!
    Does it have a site or is it just like a wiicha group? I'd might like to join. I kinda knew you were lieing about that, just didnt want to look like an ass if you were really 17!:lol:
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