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    How do you spin jump when your sliding?

    does luigi jump higher?
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    GC for $60.00

    Thats a great deal.I still play my gamecube as much as my wii.
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    Wii bring Cockroachs?!?!

    i can just imagine playing wii bowling and hearing a crunching noise under my
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    5 Cool Wii Hacks ?

    wiisaber is pretty cool
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    What VC games ?

    007 goldeneye, star wars rouge squadron
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    wii memory for downloads and disks for saving

    the wii holds 512 mb.I got a sd card so i can save 2 or three wii saves on there to play more games.
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    how hot does the wii get

    I have played for 2 hours at a time and it never got too hot for me.
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    Wii too loud..

    You probably have a scratch on one part of the cd
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    is the wii pointer in mario galaxy Jerky

    Im so excited for mario galaxy now that my pointer is dead on!
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    hardest boss

    The ganon in the temple of light.
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    sports pack accessories - love em? hate em?

    They are just plastix dust collectors that make the wiimote 3 times heavier.
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    The Christmas Console Wars!......Choose Wisely...

    wii.Mario galaxy is way better than some dumb shooter!
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    How may wii games do you have?

    I have 7.Metroid prime and zelda are awsome!
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    Zapper Compatible games!!

    the wii remote zapper seems kinda dumb to me.Unless they come out with a 007 im not gonna get it.
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    Wii laptop????

    its just a screen.Even if it was why would you want to use that tiny screen anyway?