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  • 'Tis okay. Scratch the 'Barely on here anymore;' thing, I'm kind of on here every now and again.
    Barely on here anymore;
    Not a good way to contact me. Sorry for the late response Cx
    Rematchity, oh rematchity. When will you happen, if ever? ._.
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    lvl 56
    GOC: Heros / Team Conflict / Golden Gun
    Fav Maps: Industrial, Docks, Archives
    add >> 0362-1475-1036
    Alright, doesn't matter one way or the other to me. You'll find that's my viewpoint on a lot of things.
    LMFAO, completely different story, I'm getting off now LOL xC
    I may have a slim possibility of getting on later? =\
    I'm on for like 10-15 minutes on SSBB. It's a steep slope I'm on, so, I most likely won't be on after the timer has gone to zero. If luck's on my side, my sister won't care, but at this time, 10-15.
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