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  • 4. In order to remain in the Paladins, you must be dedicated to the cause.

    Important! Any member not dedicated to being a Paladin will be kicked out without hesitation. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT just a fan group!

    And those are the requirements I have to show you, and you're in,
    To be a part of the Paladins of Wifi, you must verify that you have fulfilled these requirements:
    1. You have to own your own copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    2. You have to participate and win at least one taunt battle, whilst beating a party crasher.
    3. You have to fight against me or Noxlamina, to prove your worthiness.
    Dubstep, do u play SSBB, i u o, i need ur fc so i can place ur rank, my fc is 4084 3758 6658, my name is Light
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