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    WWE Allstars

    I played this game at wrestlemania access. Its pretty good. Much more fun than smackdown vs. Raw
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    fighting games

    The Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution series is a very top notch fighter.
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    Cool Story bro :cornut:
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    proximity mine users right. Camping in Iraq is called survival
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    You have to actually shake the nunchuck itself....I'm not sure how much experience you have with the Wii so excuse me if I tell you something you already know, but the Nunchuck attachment on the Wii also has motion sensitive capabilities. So in order to perform the action in Goldeneye you must...
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    Kirby again?

    I had the same kind of reaction when I saw the article. Nintendo has sooooooo many characters they can choose from to make new games. But it seems like when they find success with one they get stuck on it and milk it dry until its time to move on. I still wanna see a Star Fox game before the end...
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    pandora's tower announced (teaser)

    Its too early to tell what it will be yet. But the music for the teaser site is pretty epic. I'm sure we'll get more details fairly soon.
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    The Goldeneye Remake WILL Fail

    And see...those are legitimate criticisms, that I have ABSOLUTELY NO problem with. However when some says it sucks because its not the same game as it was 15 years ago.....that's what I have a problem. I've heard some of the absolute stupidest reasons to hate this game: 1) You can't slap people...
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    Red Steel 2/how many hours?

    I personally love Red Steel 2. Best excuse to own WiiMotionPlus. I may have about 17-18 hours on it since my Ninja Mode playthrough.
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    The Goldeneye Remake WILL Fail

    That's the exact stupid justification that everyone else has. All of the things you just named are not just in Call of Duty, they have become a staple in the Modern FPS. The best way I can describe the new Goldeneye is a modernization of the old game, its nothing more, nothing less. Its a very...
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    proximity mine users

    As long as the person earned the Mines I have no problem with it. And once you've seen them enough you kinda know where to look out for em at, and you can spot and shoot them.
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    Initial thought's...

    Why people think this game sucks is beyond me....Its a very good shooter. I can see someone making a decent argument for why the game is overrated (IGN's 9/10 is a bit of a stretch) however I cannot see anyone coming up with a strong argument as to why this game SUCKS. I'm done trying to defend...
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    Strategy- whats your style?

    Yeah, down button melee is the best. Honestly that's how I've had it set up on every shooter for the Wii since COD3.
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    What controller to use?

    Wiimote/nunchuck is best for me. Honestly my reaction time with the pointer is better than with the sticks. When someone comes running across my screen I can hit them better with the pointer than the CCP. However there are pros and cons to both, although your aim is more swift and precise with...
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    Classic Conflict Game Mode Discussion nice Prinplup:yesnod: But as you said I really don't see much of a point behind these "Game Mode Discussion" threads. But I see that your an eager member and Goldeneye fan so Lets try to resolve this. When you make a thread it should have a clear purpose, the intent of a thread is...