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  • It's incredible that Nadal is able to play two 5 hour matches like that back-to-back. He must be from another planet..

    And yeah, the women's was pathetic. Serena Williams has so much more experience than any of these other lasses when it comes to Grand Slam finals, she just won't lose.
    Oh my word, Nadal vs. Verdasco was fantastic. Watched the whole thing, too insane. Nadal vs. Fed I'm expecting to be even more magnificent. What would you rate it compared to the Rafa/Verdasco match?
    I'm really wanting.. Navarro (?) to win the women's. She's stunning, her backhand has looked magnificent the last few matches.

    Nadal is definitely my pick for the men's side. Love him.. such a beast. Murray was second, but he got beat by Verdasco? Ugh. Missed the match, but it must have been one godawful display. Federer is looking like utter shitte right now, especially after that Berdych match. The ugliest I've seen him play in ages.

    And yeah, that site is great. Very helpful.
    Watching the Aussie? : D If you're there at Melbourne, I will kill you..

    Such an odd mix of spectacular matches and barely watchable ones, eh? Who are you for on the women's/men's?

    And 'grats on the promotion, bud. :)
    Appreciate it alot man :D
    and yeahhh I'm going to be doing, if all goes as planned, Mathematics with Statistics.
    should be funnnn
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