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  • I can easily guard 2-3 flags at any given moment. I am excellent with a sniper rifle. And I'm a level 37. Longest streak 29. Kill ratio 3.37. Also good at flanking snipers.

    F.C. 1626-7848-7909

    add me! user name is ethan kahn
    it's cool bro. Tc is beast dats where im mostly at 2 so if u see me wen ur up n runnin jus come on in or snd me an invite im mostly on fo a long time on the weekends bt this sat im goin to b pretty bussy so nxt sat should b gd fo me to get on. I look forward to playin wit ya well g2g ttyl
    Nm.give me ur fc again i'll try it again. i think so 2. check ur skype to c wats up wit da clan and tlk to flores about da clan wars
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