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  • I've registered you wii number now i just need your fc so we can race. I'm active and good ,sometimes i have bad luck. And i'm sorry for not answering you. I wrote back to all the messeges you send me. Again sorry
    Hello. I accidentally left the Wii at my friends house so I cant find out the code right now. Besides, I dont really do any online Wii-code stuff anyway.
    Sure i would like to exchange fc's with you mine is 0303-1550-5462 and my wii number is 8134-4255-4081-2542.
    hello! welcome if youd like to add me to wii then add this code and post your code on here or send it to me in a message
    code: 1165-4366-0436-2525
    nickname: egorpodboy
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