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  • Im doing good, how about you. Yeah I havent played GE in a while, i moved to BF3 and cod
    well, since getting proxies, i've noticed an upsurge in 5x & 10x dominations. seems some players are more vulnerable, eh? i'm less than 2000xp from getting the newb tewb & am quite excited.on a side note, notice an increase in dumb players? are they unaware of the gadgets in the existing loadouts? like minesweeper in SMG.
    Cool. Ill be on later today a bit after 4. Ive got a pretty bad ear infection tho so Im not sure how much I can tolerate. I cant tell if things are moving... Pretty weird. esp when Im driving. The other day, I saw a cop down the road, swear to god it was coming towards us, lights on and everything... so I pulled over and my gf asks WTF are you doin? lol Uhmmm derpa derp... He wasn't moving... I didnt know what to say... Sat there for a second... Nope he wasn't moving... Hahahaha Weird...
    Just "/n" for now, you might remember me as nate always with a lowercase n. but there's a lot of nates... Hmmmm for me, took a long time to get use to all the dying and lower KDR. This is usually because I go straight after the hero no matter what, Ill even pass up any easy kills on the way just to keep my mag full for the hero. Sounds dumb but every second counts when theres a hero spawned and you know everyone on your team is on the way hoping for that kill. But if you really want some sniper action the hero causes a huge draw of easy targets if you can get in good position.
    Haha Yeah I use to HATE heroes. I would literally shout at my TV and rage out more times than I care to admit... Haven't played BB in a long time. I think youre the reason I started playing BB in the first place from some thread on here... I use to farm a lot of XP. Anyway since its not about the XP for you anymore, you should consider Heroes. Its awesomo
    BTW sent you an invite the other day. 1179-3971-7821 Ive played A LOT of BB matches with you in the past. You ever play Heroes?
    Ego, I haven't heard back in a while and I sincerely hope you realize that was complete satire... LOL my sense of humor has no sense of shame. If I crossed any lines I apologize.
    Another thing, have you run into a guy called "Zigeuner-Bot" ? He was a Lv 48 when I encountered him....he was deadlier than PrinceLoigi himself! O.OBut he didn't act at all like a human player, so I think it was some AI that a hacker put in the game. One of only 2 times I beat him, I outnumbered him 3 to 1! (he was the only guy on his team, but still nearly won!) My throat was hoarse from all the "impotent raeg" screaming I did.And have you seen tha farce of a leader board lately? How many Lv 56s are legit anyhow? 20? 30? I dropped over 300 ranks in the last month alone despite playing several hundred hours.Activision needs to keep on clearing the leaderboard.
    Yo, what happened last saturday in Heroes (in Nightclub)? You seemed really off. Though after you fell as the Hero, I basically massacred the whole other team in that flanking attack of theirs. After you left, I brought the team to the brink of victory...But the Host quit. @#$%^&!*()!!At least I was on a roll for a few other Hero matches, one, in Outpost, got NINE hero kills (Total score 24:5) Funy thing was, I got 1 hero on the Fire escape, then RIGHT afterward a guy next to him turned hero (even though he must've seen the bullets mow his buddy down!), then I took him out too, what a fool!Anyways, I finally got teh Masty. Seems I'm starting to get the hang of it. Now to win all those Black Box missions! >:D
    you better not, I want you to be your best and go as hard as you can. That is all I ask. *Whispers* no grenadier 0.o
    whats up zilla, just stopped by to tell you that I will be getting goldeneye soon in like a month or two so we can finally have that battle or pure epicness. XD
    i think i've played you, i play BB often (its my most frequented mode) ... i think it was when i was still in the teens but you were beasting me ... my FC is 3798 8313 2345 .... add me and i'll add you .... itd be fun to play some BB together sometime :) ... o and ps I'm Pumpkin
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