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  • hi i'll add you
    GE freindcode:293369430111
    Online name: XPLODE[ZRE]

    PS Do people really say cheers in Texas?
    I have been so busy. School is definitely kicking my butt. I have also been doing some renovations to my house, which I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to do in the middle of the semester. I went on vacation and most importantly I have been busy watching March Madness. But ever since KU broke my heart by losing to Kentucky in the National Championship, things have been slowing down quite a bit. Last summer I was amazing at Black Ops (well at least compared to now) but for some reason I have been doing awful the last few times I have played. So no hard feelings if you decide I suck too bad to play with. I will definitely be playing Goldeneye over the weekend and next week. And I will probably be on Black Ops some. How are things with you?
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