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  • I added you. Just in case I don't pop up in your list then add me again.

    FC: 2510-8219-6665
    ok but you have my last name to we should be friends :ihih:
    here my FC 3150-6164-5492
    goldeneye yh thx bro add me my names [SS]SamiS level 29 or 30 im okay with sniper not best but oh well lol my fc is 1063-3935-7391
    n i'll ad ya fc wen i get on. and sniping im gd at but im more of the machine gun dude bt nt picky wen it comes to beastini anyone no matter wat lvl
    have we played b4? names HAMS*Itachi lvl 34 soon 35 beast i cant remeber off hand my stats bt there gd my fc is n my signature
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