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  • Speakin' of, always refer t' Sableye as "dumb ol' Sableye".

    Well, you're certainly free t' try and enlighten that moronic fisherman...
    T'is a heartfelt gift from the 'Karp himself. ;)

    Well, if ya find anythin', make sure ya spam Nick's inbox with it. :trollface:

    i already blame em for everythin
    Welcome to our fishy fold. ;D

    PLAYIN' CARDS?! Yep, definitely ain't touchin' Homestuck now. I'm absolutely nothin' without my children's (card) games.

    lawl. I was jokin' anyways, rarely does anyone make 50 posts a day 'round here. Even when countin' posts in Board Games and such.

    seamenshipping needz moar fanart

    ... I really hope I don't regret that statement somewhere down the line. :lol:
    Ah, but it already exists. There's just no official body. Yet. You're free t' join at any time. ;)

    Nick pulled that same Homestuck-hiatus recently. I'm stayin' far away as possible from that there web-comic, I prefer t' choose which time sinks I waste away in rather than be consumed by one alone. :lol:

    50 posts daily. Not hard at all, yeah?

    Replace?! ... No, impossible.
    Aye, it's terribly disheartening. So few see the light of 'Karp these days...

    Certainly has been awhile. b moar active here plz? :D

    He has. ¬_¬ He's the worst Fishing Guru ever, worshiping somethin' that ain't even a Water-type.
    Sorry for the late response, my memory is impossibly bad... ;_;

    Mandatory summer school? ಠ_ಠ ... Why the hell is it mandatory?

    If I lived near a library, perhaps I'd still read. :lol: Ain't nothin' 'round here, 'cept a gas station.

    Not... much. >_>; T'was different before the account verification glitch though, the amount of junk that needed moderatin' is the only reason why I'm a super moderator. Nowadays, only a few spam bots are permabanned daily, by my hammer or otherwise. 'Sides that, just handlin' spam. It's quite easy. :lol:

    I ain't the one who's on vacation, I'm keepin' watch on the property. :p Can't say I care neither, the fact that I'm so far out from civilization in an endless forest might as well be a vacation for me. Silence 'n nature, don't want it any other way. :lol:

    No worries, that aside I know Wiichat ain't exactly your preferred forum too. :p Ain't like there's much to post 'bout at the moment anyways. But that'l change soon enough. :D
    Summer school? blehhhhhhhh. If I've not mentioned my absolute hatred for the heat of summer, the only thing more annoyin' to me than said heat is doin' mental work during the middle of a hot summer day. Why were ya attendin' summer school? Ya don't seem like the type to be failin' in school.

    Supernatural... Know I've heard'a that show, but I ain't much for cable so I can't say I've seen it. Truth be told I'll probably live without cable once I strike out on my own. :lol:

    I'm as always, same **** different day. Derpin' about daily, moderatin' butnotreallylawl, and gamin'. My abode's residents are currently on vacation actually, so I'm enjoyin' the silent alone time currently (while keepin' anythin' from esploding in their absence). Might even be able to get a meditation vibe goin' on with the peace in abundance and such. Not that they're a noisy bunch or nothin'.
    Overprotective Mothers blehhhhhh. Glad I never had to deal with one.

    Ah, I forgot ya could do that... Excellent idea. :lol:
    Ya should keep it that way, the demon drink sure as **** ain't a gift from god. :p ... Says the agnostic. :lol:

    He'd still be able to stalk us, blockin' won't stop 'em. ... Trust me, I've tried.
    A sushi bar is essentially just a Japanese bar lol. Not all of 'em serve sushi, but the ones that do are usually referred to as a sushi bar.

    He loves Stunfisk and Ghirahim. You'd expect 'em to not have creepy hobbies? :lol: nick y r u readin this ya creep
    'Cause it's a bar. I'm only 20, unfortunately. :lol: I've only been kicked outta a sushi bar on a single occasion though. Most sushi-bartenders usually ain't too focused on checkin' the age of every single person who doesn't look over 30 from my experience.

    He stalks all'a my conversations. :lol: He most certainly read it, and will also read this.
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