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    My Video Effects

    I also have a youtube channel so you can check them out there Please tell me what you think
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    My Video Effects

    Hey, this is not exactly photoshop but I thought I'd post it in here... Its actually videos...made my me. I am kinda new to so I would really appreciate some feedback on them. Here are some of my effects. You can either find them on my Video Effects Blog
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    Best wii gaME

    Brawls adventure is really fun
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    Sprayed my controller!

    That looks really good congratz
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    100% on Subspace Emissary?

    oh alright thank u
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    help; with wii sports

    np .
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    how to tell if you suck at mario galaxy lol

    aI just wasted over 4 minutes..........that was just retarded
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    cds stikers

    ^^ yep thats how it works but t=it take away ythe fun of getting hit urself
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    lego nintendo

    love the mk one!
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    help; with wii sports

    Wii sports doent have that many features so no
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    100% on Subspace Emissary?

    what do u mean by crowns
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    what to buy in Wii Shop??

    I got it for free too
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    the ~Ask Anyone Anything~ thread

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    The One Character That Would've Made Brawl Perfect

    Oh alright lol I thought they were like secret characters or something lol
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    Cable to play with 2 TV screens

    dout that will work too complicated just play the normal way lol