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    Pre-ordered GTAIV today - can't wait :)

    well what EB is doing that i don't exactly consider "special" is giving $10 off for all preorders. Now whilst this isn't alot, remember we're dealing with EB games here so expect mediocre deals, to many people, $10 off a game can be a lot in many cases. That being said, im quite amazed that EB...
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    Pre-ordered GTAIV today - can't wait :)

    went to EB today and pre-ordered GTAIV, was surprised they didnt say that pre-orders were backed up or sumthin just prob gonna have to rush to the store on the 29th to get my copy :)
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    First details on Sonic Unleashed

    nice find man - keep me posted on all new info aye :) i absolutely love sonic games, especially sonic adventure 1 and 2 and, although underrated, i loved SatsR on wii, was an awesome game imo just lacked decent camera work in few areas......still, lets hope this game puts sonic up there with...
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    E3 2008 To Reveal Big Things For Nintendo?

    id say its gonna be the new zelda or something along those lines
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    Next Sonic game to be called Sonic Unleashed?

    hopefully another game like sonic adventure 1 and 2. Secret rings on wii was also an awesome game but id prefer they revert back to the adventure cuz sonic adventure on dreamcast was an amazing game. Also, i hope they stop trying to force shadow into the storylines where he doesnt belong and...
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    Sick of people criticizing mario kart wii......

    k whoever thinks the graphics don't look "that bad" need to go check out ign's videos of the gameplay. The graphics are like gamecube at best, maybe even worse than double dash and if you think that that's good graphics then you need a reality check. As for your comment on smash brothers saying...
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    Mario Kart looking and sounding disapointing

    You Must've seen the screenies so far and read the info on the game......."NAWT"
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    HElP orcani!

    actually vidya it's Ocarina :) hehe
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    what they should do for CoD5

    err having "multi-platforming" online in which a ps3 player can vs. a pc player is such a stupid idea unless the ps3 player was using a usb keyboard and mouse. Having a player with a pc, using the keyboard and mouse verse a player with a controller is such a stupid idea as there would be no...
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    Mario Kart looking and sounding disapointing

    I would have to say based on having played all of the mario kart games (DS, 64, Double Dash) the 2 players per kart addition to double dash made it more interesting as you had two items to hold if needed, 2 chances of getting a special and it allowed for 2 players to team up in a kart. Whilst...
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    Mario Kart looking and sounding disapointing

    well mushroom i don't rememer saying i was going to buy the game in my comment, was just alerting ppl to the quality of what we've seen so far......and as for the "facts" thing, i know you werent being mean or anything but it doesnt take an expert to see that the graphics look poor (we shouldnt...
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    Mario Kart looking and sounding disapointing

    I know some of you are gonna come out and say "no way, you're crazy, game looks great" and defend the game and whatnot, but the fact is, like it or hate it, we have to face it, the game isnt looking good at all. The graphics are gamecube standard at best, theres only one racer per car (why they...
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    Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone knows when this game comes out in australia because i saw the preview of it and want it :) ill prob go buy phoenix wright wen i get the chance to keep me until this one's out but any info would be appreciated
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    Any good Wii games come out recently?

    but what do u actually do in the game and whats the combat style? details plz
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    Any good Wii games come out recently?

    well from the videos ive seen of okami the gameplay looks quite dull and repetitive. I mean dont get me wrong, the graphics look really good for wii with the art style but it just seems as though all u do is run around and draw a straight line to kill i completely wrong?