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  • I got it back the fc is 5284 1617 4844

    i will not be on in school times.And tell me your 3ds friend code cause i dont have ssbb
    yes i have 3ds my mom has it i will get it back tomorrow she forgot to give it back and i will add you on my 3ds but can you please check out my site :)::):(
    ye there is one game, super smsash bros brawl (ssbb) in masterfull at it lol
    hey soz my life got hectic all of a sudden i will try to go on wii chat more often. Do u have any online game that u r talking about if so tell me and go on my site
    :papermario:Group message:

    I apologise for not being active this past few weeks , but I'm going start making post. There will be a new post today and another on the 16th of October. My post will be mostly on the weekend's, but that doesn't mean I won't reply to your's. Anyway, If you have a question, then just simply ask.
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