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  • K, hey all u guys who go on my page i am creating a site for my friends if you posted a message or you will you can go on it i will post the url soon.:yesnod::yesnod::yesnod::yesnod::yesnod::):):):):
    hey dude i would like to race u but my connection on mario kart has been playing up lately so when it starts workin, i'll tell u
    hey im new here and i joined your 3DS/zelda group. Just lookin to make some new friends :)
    Welcome to the legend of Zelda fan group. I haven't posted any discussions yet, because we don't have many members. Do me a favor and try to recruit more members.
    Pokemon Black is my only wi-fi one, and go to Forum Actions Edit Profile, then edit avatar upload pic and there you go:)
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