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  • SSBB is in my sig if you want to add it. Good games btw finally made level 45 haha so much pain just to level xD. Plus congrats on your leveling up too.
    No others sadly :(

    I used to have 2 more but I got really angry and snapped the CD's
    He hasn't responded. Create the room. Tell him to select "Request Friendship" below my Player Profile (Them "P1" "P2" "P3" & "P4" thingies) and I'll do the same. After the matches he'll be on my list.
    In the room I can send a request to him. I guess I'll just add him now :lol:. I sent Mega a request.
    Good Luck!
    I want to punch the person who picked Wario's Gold Mine. Not only that but I want to beat them with a Baseball Bat.
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