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  • Ya think I think you're arrogant? Inane nonsense. Where'd ya perceive that notion from? My first response?

    I wouldn't say ya come off as arrogant. Not t' me at least.
    Facebook works best for me
    Never trade mages till you get them to level 100 and open the best magic for that element.
    "Read too much int' the subtext of people's non-opinion"? ... What???

    Damn right I'm introverted. :lol: Scored a 99% on one'a them legitimate introvert-extrovert examinationtestthings once.

    Well, when ya put it that way, I certainly have changed.
    Hints to wining high level battles.
    >Make sure it can move far and has a high def
    >Have loads of "hands"
    >Nick weapons
    That's impudent carp t' you, mammal.

    ... It ain't a southern accent, not that I blame ya for mistakin' it as such (someone called it a pirate accent once... ;______; ). My slight accent is Eastern. It ain't an audibly obvious Brooklyn tang or nothin', but this is how I speak informally. Cuttin' off a syllable here 'n there, shortened words, etc.

    Put it this way: if I typed as I talk naturally when I was still a newbie, people would regard me as odd at the very least.
    Indeed. I am like a disease. I can lie dormant for years, only to resurface worse than before!
    Oh, you're training Pokemon in the actual game. Yeah, that's the most genuine way to go about it, though I'm far too lazy to EV train/breed for egg moves/etc anymore. Which is why I have almost completely migrated to online battle simulators.

    You could try it, though if you don't want to I guess I could throw together some Pokemon I've trained in game to form a somewhat mediocre team.
    You're late t' the party, I'm already pickin' up the pieces of my mindplosion.

    new lucario eevolushun ermaiggggeeerrrrrrddddddddd
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