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  • i might it my opportunity every monday morning to wake up and write what we get for wiiware and vc games for USA if i wake up early on time.
    Welcome, I've been a gamer all my life started out at 3 or 4 yrs old w/ the intellivision, up to the wii, in '04 i paid the price for my game addiction i got carpal tunnel, hen last year i got ms. but i'm still playing games doesn't stop me, gotta try acupuncture for my cts, and to improve my ms.
    Alright. I know I have a 5k run early, and church Sunday,but other than that I've got nothing. Just PM me if we're both on.
    Hey what happened to Erin? And this does mean he should be stripped f his title correct?

    Oh, and did you ever take the time to IV breed for my Lucario and Growlithe?
    You can say that. 3 attackers and 3 special attackers. heres what I got

    Gyarados - Adamant - I forgot the item
    Dragon Dance
    Ice Fang

    Breloom - Naughty - Forgot
    Focus Punch
    Mach Punch

    Porygon-Z - Modest - Salac Berry
    Nasty Plot
    Dark Pulse
    Tri Attack
    Ice Beam
    Hey man, sorry for the LATE reply.

    I don't actually use Skype, but I am usually on MSN or something.
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