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  • 1125! I reached it! I done it myself too, shush you its not sad, its very... er... exciting? no your right, im sad... but like I care!
    Totally agree. I bet someday soon they'll develop 'mind typing' You think and writes by itself. Freaky but probably awesomesauce :D
    Huzzah~ It'll be over before u know it. Don't let me keep u up, hun. You should go rest.
    Silly, why ya gotta say that now. Nothing changes our friendship and it never will, I promise. :) Yeah I sorta get it and don't worry. You're adorable and the sweetest so no wonder the gals love u. I'd wanna ruffle you're hair in a mess now and give a big teddy hug to my dear Chaos. :3
    Yeeeaaaaaah~ All it needs is a lovey dovey Ike to drown in with. X3 Hey first thing we're asking when we go to Nipon is; "Where are the great hot springs of Japan?!" You will ask them and I'll drag you to find one asap. xD
    Good for 'em. Those brats don't know a thing, then again why bother telling them. It's much more amusing to see them go to waste with their freakish attitude. >.>
    Haha, that'd be cool. Buuut I'd probably wanna enjoy the beautiful sight of serenity and.... HOT SPRING! X3 I imagine lots of nature and beautiful rivers and waterfalls. -back to stinky earth/reality- Yeah, the day I'll panic is when Miyamoto sama annouces he is going to retire T.T
    During work I have to talk, talk, talk, talk and TALK alot. When I come home, I zip my mouth and get lost in my fantasy world. Go to hell social life, I want me games. :D
    Soo true, I play Halo cuz multiplayer is fun and kicking peoples ass and bashing their heads is even more fun. XD But that's all. The rest of my time I spent playing Snes games (busy with DKC 3) I said the same to my bro. No matter what Nintendo stays epic. The games are far more enjoyable to play even after 10-20 years after release. Ninja Kai won't retire, she's on a break. "I'll be back" X3
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