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  • hey can check out "daily greetings" thread and see if it's breaking any rules? i don't want to see it get locked, as it's very usefull...if it's in the wrong spot, can you just move it instead?
    Haha of course it IS the worst Bomberman game, but I got it for like...5 bucks? MAYBE 10. New, not even used. So why NOT give it a shot? =P
    I apologize for Bomberman Act Zero =P

    I never said it was a really good game though...I got it for cheap and it plays like Bomberman so it's not bad for the price I paid =P
    Now for the 14 hour flight. Exhilarated.

    Or perhaps you have mastered teleportation?.. Or power-leveling over 9000 and traveling at super speed?
    Fantastic actually. Got to spend 24/7 with the girlfriend (other than sleeping, except for the occasional sneaking into her bedroom) and enjoyed the beach weather. It's getting around 25-40º every day here in north GA, so the warmth was a relief.

    And yet, I'm sort of losing my mind. Heh.
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