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  • inorite. I'm on for the first time in evarr.. just got back from vaca as you already took notice of. How goes it love?
    Thanks man. :)

    Don't worry, I'm with you on stopping my bro. If you need help over here, I'm on it.
    hey mod i gotta ask u something is it ok if i make a ps3 game night or can mods only do that?
    It's not me, Foxy. Please unban me, I love this site. I thought you knew that. -GigaRidley P.S: I won't be posting on this false account anymore. I'm not a spammer, but I am very upset that I was taken down like one. If you think this will stop my brother, it won't. I hope I post again as GigaRidley sometime. If not, bye.
    Will you go to the 1v1 Brawl League thread and tell them to stay on topic? It's gotten to the point where almost every post is off topic...
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