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  • I'm SonicMan's older brother. He told me that you sent him a PM about something that deals with our IP address. If you have any questions, please PM me, as my little brother is only 11 and doesn't do well with questions. :D
    Huh... You know, give me a warning before you ban me.

    First of all, MR.LUIGI is my friend, not me. My friend came over and forgot to log out. As you can see my IP address is now different. You should warn me before you banned me or... stop criticizing me.

    This is your first lesson in my world bud.:lol:

    Give warning then if the person doesn't follow then you ban the person...
    are we allowed links in our name cause every1 ones got them but im not allowed to have one
    all it ever says is invalid link
    Ah yeah. Means that you have to deal with more idiots than usual, haha, as long as you enjoy it =P

    I much prefer drifting behind the scenes these days.
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