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  • I like to think I am. I'm worried I won't be able to post them up, but I'm 90% sure I can write 1-2 articles a day (during school. of course).
    Past experience? Well, sorta. Strict teachers in the past beat it into my head, not to mention the high expectations they had of me (my brother's a frikin' genius!) so they always made it harder on me.

    So, as I said in the beginning, I think I am.
    did you ever consider king bowser and jr. were probably using the same computer but were posting at different times? i understand that the rules were broken and you or someone else had to ban one of the bowsers accounts but...was that really necessary :( but hey...there is nothing i can do about this matter:( and it is as you said: rules r rules :mad:
    My son got banned damnit!!! He is actually my cousin!!! I showed my cousin about wiichat!!! I'm not talking to myself!!! You should be ashamed!!!

    I will! I shall! Not forget this!!!
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