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  • You and your clan are so dead! So how da hell could you call yourself a master?
    Ya, but I literally NEVER play it. In fact, I literally never play the Wii in general these days! º_º
    Erecting a Dispenser. It's a quote from a player in Team Fortress 2 who builds things called "Dispensers" that give ammo & health, & it also means something in the reproductive category.
    I had 2 dots I called "OBJECT1" & "OBJECT2". Ob.1's set spawn was below the game's view. Same with Ob.2. If Ob.1 spawns in a certain area, it will either turn its switch on, go to Ob.2, or have the switch off. If it goes to Ob.2, Ob.2's switch will turn on. Depending on which switch is on or if there are no switches on, a sprite which was set to appear when that switch is on or all are off shall appear. ...You get all that?
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