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  • It's on Pokechat's front page. :p Just scroll t' the bottom of the page 'n log into it.

    Been fine myself, just fine. Life's quiet, boring, 'n stagnant as it has been for the past few years, and I ain't 'bout to complain over it. :lol: Don't want it any other way. Ain't gonna last for much longer 'course, few people at the age of 20 can be without a job or somethin' for long... ._.

    In all honesty, I'd say my dedication to Wiichat is far less shockin' than the fact that I'd ever become a super mod. :lol: How an unprofessional imbecile like myself got that position, I'll never understand.

    I certainly would play LoL (and a bloody million other PC-exclusive MMOs) if I had a PC that wasn't utter ****... That ain't the case unfortunately. =/ Piece'a junk can barely run Minecraft, and even then it lags beyond playability in single player. LoL still crushing WoW in terms of bein' good these days?
    Well ****, long time no see. :lol: Takin' a stroll down forum-memory lane, yeah?

    'Course I remember (... not t' imply my memory is at all reliable :p). Still use the chatbox regularly with my bros for old time's sake, actually. It's that token meeting place of nostalgia groups'a friends tend to have, if ya catch my meanin'.

    ... So, how ya been all these years?
    The reason the advertising isn't resulting in people being banned is because even the mods know the truth of the state of things. You've got people like Napalm and FR saying themselves that WiiChat is doomed and telling people to move to other sites.

    Anyhow, all the facts of the situation are compiled here. You can read them, ask around WiiChat to see who disagrees with the facts, and then decide for yourself. Good luck, whatever you decide to do. :)

    Hey just wondering when your gonna post on the Second Chance. We have gone quite far but you can still get in, if you need like a quick update on where we are and whats happend ask me or someone else on the tread if im not around, they will be happy to help
    Probably not interested. For the next 2 weeks, I'm trying to get into overdrive study mode for school finals. Depending on my health, I'm going to try getting back into dance, trying to eliminate all chances for internet play.
    How would I help? My generosity can only go out so far so it depends on what you need and if I'm not lazy.
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