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  • by the way text me after 6:00am in the morning (sorry im jest learning english im not amarcin) and befor 11:00 pm at night text me 503-718-4541
    Yep, that video's classic. Get owned, son. Get ****ing owned. :lol:

    If ya can't get to your account anymore, 'specially if a hacker intends to use it wrong, ya want me to ban it? Won't affect your IP, your German account, and I can lift the ban at any time if you ever change your mind.
    'Ho snap, yeah, I remember you, good to hear from ya. =) Sorry to hear 'bout your profile gettin' hacked... =/

    You know how it happened, why, who did it, etc.? Any details ya can give, and I'd probably be able to help. And if my supermod powers of Karpness can't help, an Admin's certainly could.
    I'll join your group as long as there is NO TALK about Toon link every think else is good:yesnod:
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