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  • Well, you definitely ain't returnin' to be active any time soon (nor am I confident you'll get this VM), but happy birthday regardless. :D
    i am new to this site & i am 28yro, i like to know about Group ur in called "private Party" & how can i join it.
    @dg - that would be a community award, handed out to the most dedicated of members of WiiChat. Hand-crafted by the admins themselves, heck, it's to dieeeee forrr.. :lol:
    Hey gidget, just wanted to let ya know I moved to ninstation. Would be awesome if you found your way there somehow before wiichat poofs.
    Saw your question to FR. I can confirm that the vBulletin license has already expired.
    Hey there, gidget. Wanted for formally invite you to Ninstation. I'm sure you've noticed that not many people come to WiiChat since the admin abandoned it in Feb and most the mods left since then. A lot of former WiiChat members moved over to Ninstation. You should check it out sometime:
    love the survivor icon on your sig ;) I told myself I wouldn't come back after that but here I am
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