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  • But who has the Wiiu has Wii automatically :),plays the Wii games online?

    If not thanks anyway.
    Asking MR, I don't know of any other options. RockerJ doesn't like RP's. Maybe Assasin? Doubtful, but I could ask him too, I guess.
    It sounds cool! But what exactly is Aravad? Sorry if I missed something, but I reread a little and ctrl + f (search) didn't help.
    If it's a good read, most certainly. Don't forget t' link it to me, 'cause 'Karp knows I'll forget to ask for it again. Believe it or not my moveset is comprised of four Amnesia.

    Grand choice of avatar, by the way.
    Only if its setting is under the sea.

    Aquatic jokes aside, nah. I'm still retired and don't see myself comin' outta retirement any time soon... if ever. Sorry bro. I've had the occasional urge to RP over the past few years, but nothin' recent. Reckon they've died out for good.
    Storm, good, good. I can ask MR too, he might wanna join, depending on what it's about. Dirge...well, he's refusing to RP, last time I checked, we could try again but our efforts would probably be in vain.
    I'm interested, and I like to believe I'd be better than last time, but I'm concerned about it sinking again. Who do you have?
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