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  • Was wondering if you wanted to join my new RP, StarEdge!
    I know I'm half a year late, but... CAN I JOIN?! :D

    Yeah, sorry... I'm always leavin' at the worst times. Hope it's going/went awesome, I'll take a peek at it later. =)
    Sorry to annoy you again Giga, but could you respond to my most recent post in the discussion thread?
    Giga, you or somebody else really needs to reply. I cant really do anything right now until the Emerald Moon moves. You guys are already having trouble with the pirates, and I dont think it would be nice to barge in.
    I think we should come together and try to make a new roleplay of some kind. A canon rp most likely. Have you had any ideas? Also I haven't been on the website because I don't own a Wii anymore. I'm a PS3 gamer!
    Hey add me on wii my code is 8400-2810-9711-3417
    the name boss i added you already hope you dont mind.
    i'm impressed by your staredge roleplaying thing. i prefer sitting around a table with maps and dice (d&d) but if you ever start a brand new campaign, i'd be very interested.
    Thanks. It sorta difficult to interact with anyone other than Seeng right now, but Ill try to improve on that in the future.
    Sorry to bother you, but no one else was giving any opinions. Im worried that my last two posts are a bit rusty, do you think so?
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