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  • Work+spending.
    I've been buying "stuff" like crazy. Games, music, clothes, movies, a new stereo, 2nd PS2, DSi (soon), etc etc.
    Ya know what I hate? When you go to work and forget something at home...>.>
    Yes, Sir. I can't wait to get back into training, but my muscles are a little stiff from this long break.
    Weddings are great. You get to wear a tux. *poses*
    Wing Chun huh? I can do the stance, but that's it. Shotokan is what I want to do.
    That is great to hear, man. I wish your sister all the best.

    I am happy to hear that your training is underway, especially with a student of Bruce Lee himself. I am jealous.

    As for my life plans, I will use my Genetics degree to find a job and settle down. That's the plan, but I am not sure how it is going to turn out.
    Hey there. Things are now very smooth.

    I have finally finished Uni and have only to revise for the exams, which finish up around 26th May. Happy days.

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