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  • Hi Glue! lol its Blue from Brawl, hey can u tell me how to put ur brawler card in ur signature?
    Yea pretty much the same :lol: starting to get boring -_- :lol:
    good to hear from ya GiOo :thumbsup: i'll see you around someday :) possibly on brawl :lol: only really get online on the weekends though.
    Hey there, godstepk1d. I'm sure you've noticed that WiiChat has been pretty dead since the January crash. The admin abandoned the site in Feb and most people, including mods, have left. A lot of people migrated over to Ninstation, you should check it out: http://www.ninstation.com/
    I changed the stock into four... now are you ready? If you want to challenge me let me know and what time when ready to fight.:D
    I used to use zss alot at the beginning but then i actually forgot that she was in the game :lol: probably because i haven't played in so long that she basically disappeared from my mind.

    Also i was wondering if you wanted to join my clan?
    Well it's not really a clan yet i'm just trying to recruit people first .
    & i definitely wouldn't mind having you in it seeing as how your pretty damn good :lol:
    Just let me know if you want to join :thumbsup:
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