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  • ok i got a new friend code so heres my new one (delete my old one)
    4900-5496-1382 (same name Bobby)
    Use eyedrops before you read this list:
    Wii: Mario Sports Mix(CD Snapped in rage), Mario Super Sluggers(Same thing),Go Play City Sports, Mario and Sonic at London 2012, Winter games and 2010 Beijing,Mario Strikers Charged,Brawl,Pokepark 2:Wonders Beyond,WWE 12,Wii Music,Wii Sports Resort,Wii Sports,Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012,Sonic and the Secret Rings,Cars 2,Wii Party,Mario Kart Wii,Monster Jam:path of Destruction & New Super Mario Bros Wii. :smile5: Glad to help.
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