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  • Hey, I'm Smash, and I added your SSBB FC yesterday so please add me back. I found your post asking to be added- so I hope it's okay. I love to brawl and am on a lot after school during the week- which is 3:15. My FC is Smash: 2751-2341-6971
    Thanks, and please add me soon.
    oh your tre! i was trying to add you, but it said "registration not allowed" or something
    hey I'd like to know if you added me on brawl? you said on a post that you added lots of ppl, so just tell me your FC and ill add you :p
    sure ill brawl u ^_^ what's your code im to lazy to look up right now as im typing this lol gimme yours and ill have mine by then
    My Super Smash bros brawl friend code is in my "about Me" tab. Add me. Im tired of playing random people. Message me if you add me. Lates..
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