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  • I have added you to my wii for animal crossing here is my info and my daughters which i have also added you too.

    Fc 5113 3585 1693
    town haynes
    name becky

    Fc 0947 0096 4001
    town haynes
    name bailey

    see you on animal crossing!
    My Friend Code is : 0947-0096-4001
    Town is : Haynes
    Name is : Bailey
    My email is: becky333@verizon.net

    My Mom is also an Animal Crossing fanatic and it is her email...she will gladly add u to her town too.[/COLOR][/FONT]
    do you want to be friends online and play games together?
    if so, brawl fc is: 2794-5332-7516 the name is qualls and im going to add you on wii system:7849-5508-6360-5463
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