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  • join my site HERO! :D www.bozzy-club.webs.com im making it for all, and it's the last site im making. im also giving out early mod positions to early members, I'd love to see you there. Im also giving TA a special section on there, since their site isn't avalible atm, but if you join, you would probably have fun there. xD also, this is where im going to be for the remainder of my internet time, try to get some members over there if you can. :D
    Well, if you miss DG go on FaceBook.:D

    I understand you got a lot of stuff. It's pretty normal for a teenage boy to have one.=P
    :lol: Sighhh, good times... good times.XD Anyway, I've been good; thank you very much sir.;) And yeah. It has been a long time.=) And how about you? Good? Bad?
    *KingBowser rubbing his eyes* John.... is that you? You ol' pigless son-of-a-gun, its been yearsssss!:lol:
    Ninstation is a good place to go to as a forum, my friend. I'm having a blast on it, xD We shall brawl this friday, no doubt! :)
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