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  • Hey, thanks for the two games. We did freakin' awesome, and I'm personally amazed that I got a score of 70.
    Oh, and I wasn't not spawning hero's on purpose. I literally only got three offers to be the hero. None in the jungle, accepted two in station, and got blown up by a proxy before I could accept the third.
    hey sorry about that docks with the **** hero hiding was trying to help ya kill him but its hard to kill your teammate
    Good shooting last night!! I was playing pretty average to say the least..lol. I need to quit messing with conduit 2 then trying to play GE. Controls are a lot different from eachother. You are pretty deadly since you got your strata...Nice!!
    I'm the same way with host lag!! It's not unbareable but enough to lower my kills about 5 a game and increase my deaths about 5 too, sucks!!
    you'll like this...

    you just invited me, im sat waiting with 'waiting for party host' and still waiting, getting annoyed, then pissed off with how long its taking. Getting really freakin annoyed, 5 MINUTES, WTF. PISSED OFF...

    wii had frozen... :p
    I appreciate the reply.
    I'll apologise for annoying ya. It was a bit silly of me to go for the accolade during a party invite.
    my fc is 2871-3279-0214, i'll add you again and look forward to some proper action.
    thanks for de-friending me after that sewer game.
    so you know, i was going for the 'reloaded' accolade. Thats why i had a **** score and spent all game in the vents.
    slightly petty on your part mate.
    btw, i got the accolade.
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