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    well that's new...

    I think the BB carrier can drop from the catwalk above the boxes and then get into the box.
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    How do you set up your terralite loadout?

    I did this from level 25-41: Terralite w/Silencer HiCap Mag Reactive Armor BioBoost 41-45: Anova w/ACOG HiCap Mag Reactive Armor BioBoost I have used since level 45: Strata w/ACOG HiCap Mag Reactive Armor BioBoost These are what I like to run with because I like being able to take more...
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    Stupid and curious things you can notice on some players...

    Alt Account!? Brittany, when are you on anymore? I just destroyed Abby last night on Rock Band. lol
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    Tips on how to Actually use the timed Mines !

    Perhaps throw them somewhere and then shoot them when someone runs by? Possibly like RTM camping like some losers like to do. lol
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    Any PAL players on this forum?

    What if I buy a PAL Wii? Can I be part of the [RS] PAL team? lol
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    Sooo hey, been a while since I've been on here...

    HA! This site always boots me off on my ipod and I never remember the password because it's some weird thing that I never bothered to change. lol I figured I'm at work with nothing to do so what the heck.... :)
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    Best Scores?

    53-11 on Heroes for 111 points out of my team's 120. 39-3 with a 36 streak on my alt as a level 6. 3 straight games of Golden Gun without dying (8-0 w/ 8GG kills) (12-0 w/ 7GG kills) (14-0 w/7GG kills).
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    Sooo hey, been a while since I've been on here...

    ...And I'm wondering who would like to check out my youtube channel with lots of videos of GoldenEye 007 on the Wii!! lol For those of you who have me on your FC list, don't hesitate to send an invite if you see me on. I will always accept if I'm not already partied or planning on partying for a...
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    Forming Team

    Well main is almost up to 2 for KDR, but I started my alt when my main was level 54 so there is no messing around on that one. I would like to get it to 3.5-4. Just need better guns.
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    Forming Team

    So hey, I know your prerequisite to join is level 45 or something, but I was wondering if my alt acct with a KDR of 3.1+ as a level 18 with barely 5 hours of playing time could join or if I should wait until a higher level. lol
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    I do. I hit 56 two days ago.

    I do. I hit 56 two days ago.
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    Thanks, [WC]A C E!

    I am not a fan of the Ivana... Not gonna see me using it often. Great job on 56, Goldie.
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    Thanks, [WC]A C E!

    Definitely. Maybe I'll join WC on my alt.... lol
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    Thanks, [WC]A C E!

    @Jedi - I don't quit any matches I've started unless there's a hacker or hacked xp, EXTREMELY bad lag, or some sort of RL emergency. I'm not a fan of quitters. I will also never host quit except for the same reasons. I try to stick it out and quit between rounds. @Egozilla - No worries, man...
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    Forming Team

    Hey Zanapher, I use HiCapMag/RA/BB on ALL loadouts except my proxy loadout. Been using that since I unlocked BB. Been working well so far... lol