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  • hey i've definitely played you in heros ... i'm Pumpkin ... i always remember the people who were awesome on my team or beasted me on the other team ... i'm looking for some older people to have as friends (seeing as i am one of those older people, it'd be nice to have some of my kind of people) .... my FC is 3798 8313 2345 ... send me your FC if you wanna add me :) look forward to playing with/against you soon
    Hey dude man, I tried to add you again a few times. Hook me up. I liked playing with you because you are legit and around my level.
    BTW, I have never been faced with the choice, I may do the same thing one day. (a few weeks later) Well I was faced with the choice and I turned it down, no remorse.
    Sorry man, I made a pact that I would only friend people who didn't do that. I like playing with you and you didn't go hog wild with the xp so I will add you again. You only went up 2 levels, Private Eye went up 16 so I won't be adding him back.
    ha don't worry man, you still know that you earned nearly all ur XP legit. A number of ppl actually have that happen by accident so reasonable ppl wouldn't imnediately shun you if they saw your XP. On top of that, you can separate the totally or mostly legit players from the "cheaters" by going to the elimination rankings and comparing how many kills you have with players of the same level. Chances are if someone has WAY less kills than other ppl at the same level, than you know they've been in a good amount of boosted XP games.

    But you know the way I look at it is as long as you don't mod and cheat to beat other ppl and you have the skill to back up taking free XP thats all that matters. Hell, I'd take free Xp anytime if I had the chance.
    yo, How did it say I killed you when you were on my team in that last heros game at industrial? Sorry if I sucked, I only played maybe and hour in the last 3 weeks.
    basically, stand near where u crouch behind that upturned boat outside and lob a nade towards where u think the skylight is. You want to throw it so it clears the roof edge by a metre or so, quite shallow. Also, dont cook the nade at all you want to give it time to fall in and bounce around a bit. Maybe try a smoke first so you can see if ur doin it right. Hope that helps

    If they're all camping in there you should get a kill 1 in 3-4 nades, if ur zurkovski maybe more.
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