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  • 2019! Damn...hard to believe I joined this ***** up back in 2010 O_O;;;
    I'll have been here 12 years in a few days myself. I was going to say time flies, but it does really feel like I've been here a long time. inb4 Prinny shows up with his additional 6 month's worth of membership.
    im happy with rations cause dont take time 2 cook lawl

    To you as well... not that holiday well wishes mean much comin' from a scrooge like me. :lol:

    Can't really blame 'em. The servers wouldn't of been overloaded if it weren't for the fact Bank came out right 'round Christmas. T'was just too much with all the new 3DS and U owners downloadin' updates... in fact, I'm surprised their servers even handled said updates. Ninty ain't known for fantastic internet service, after all.

    I'll own you with Roy. :trollkarp:
    lucky 4 me im n a real clan so i jst went on our website and left a post sayin what happened. i'll hav all my allys back n no time, hopfully 2day...
    YOOOO, add my new mw3 ally code -2569-9987-2009-(i got new account. got over 2 days of playin time & thn tht 1 got hacked also "2day". so i hav another 1 "again") this is my 4th account, people keep hacking me, not n a way i can fix
    ya, i miss the old days 2... ima text naynay later and tell her we said whats up... well,,, im goin 2 work now lol, right after i finish this beer XD i might b gettn both my cars on the road and move out n a few weeks- if this keeps up i'll b makn around 48,000 a year. which is prety good i guess. pluss i get free new paint jobs and free body fixes. no dental or anything lik tht tho... but hey, i can drink/smoke on the job, i dont really smoke anymore but i might start back up soon...
    we need to exchange wii codes..... i'll giv u mine 2night, im on my friends laptop at his house right now..... i wish i recored tht whore wipein her face off after i squirted her n her face. lol, it was just sooooo ****in funny....lolol, wish u were there
    ME ANd my friend gettin a 118 inch tv and 4 18" car subs to put n house and ima play cod on it lollololol. 2 bad ur not hear. u no how i am but we been hangin out with a LOT of bitchs.... u'd love it.... i finaly got a car, well,,, 2 of thm. a GREAT job, my own place. btw of corse we got internet, and lol we got the best internet wifi. its expenseve 4 internet but we need it cause we like tht stuff lol........
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