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  • im on mw3 every night still, ii dont have ur ally code yet. i keep gettin n bullshit hackders match. i had a 2.0+ tdm kdr but now its 1.8. bull **** but i found ocarina hacks tht i can get workin but i dont really care anymore lol, i started workin agin and i jst dont care cause ima barly b home... ima work on costomers cars constintly and whn im not doin tht ima b workin on my car. if i keep makin a couple grand a week thn ima hav noooo prob donin EVERYTHING to my car.......... lol im happy :)
    **** YEAAAAA.... i got another job donin custome interior lik my last job but i make more money on this 1. so far i got 2 thousand this week... **** YAAAAA..... lololol i got 8 cars to do, they waitin on me... each car ima get $1500 or more, i jst gotta get my ass workin so i can make tht money... i gettin my own place soon and i went from drivin nothing from drivin 2 cars lol, guy im workin 4 said he'll put iinsurence on my 1982 mustang so i can hav a ride while my 1988 toyata 4x4 bein fixed... truck got less thn 500 miles on new motor, mustang got 1985 motor n it with 48,000 miles 0n it, it gets GREAT
    this sucks. only games i can play r games i have discs 4 and there old. and also un0 and waterwarfare which SUCK donky dick. i bascly only watchin tv. wiiMC... THIS ****ING SUCKS........................... whats ur cell #. we can text 2 stay n touch. ima move 2 caliafornia 1 day... every1 says its part of usa but not really. good enough 4 me, usa is nothn but bullshit. if u wanna b happy 4 5sec and thn bullshitted rest of ur life thn its perfect 4 u...
    i wonder if the guy on here will kick me off 4 sayin ****, even tho its a pm. LOL **** **** **** ***** ASS PUSSY CUM N MOUTH AND SWALLOW... GODDAMN MOTHER****ER....,...8=======> [()]
    ima try a new powercord 4 my hhd. i no its only 25$ 2 fix a fried hhd but i dont care. if its not the powercord thn im done with ALL eletronics 4 ever. im live under a fukin rock where nothin can fukin **** with me...
    OMFG, my HDD jst stopd workin 4 NO reason. nothin loos. i took it apart & everything look new. i was usin it, (it was on), i unpluged it, took it 2 friends house, hookd it up & NOTHIN... it wouldnt even come on. im tired of this crap. im done with wii, im done with everything. **** IT... im go live under a rock... LOL (and)))) :/ nightmares, hair fallin, hullsanations, constant badluck. wont ever stop till im done
    my save file is gone and everything. inless i can fix my old wii somehow. ima try 2...
    DUDE... i jst relized allll my allys r gone now.... im hopin 2 find thm randomly while im playin. but did u ever become allys with milf clan
    ooo, um. we gona hav 2 send eachother wii codes again cause i have new wii. i'll b on mw3 2night if u get on there i'll jst send u my number on there. ooooo, btw, i stoped smokin. been stoped 4 bout a week now and i havent had any withdraws yet. sooo, thts prety cool it was easy 4 me to stop this time. but thn agiin i been drinkn wayyyyy more thn usual. iv had a buz from alachol 4 bout a week stright now lol. iv been havn fun this week. lol. im not goina drink anything next week.
    yo. im back online now lol i got new wii. i'll b on mw3 2night... ooo and btw lolololol. last night we got a hooker 2 come up to us with 4 dudes n the car, whn she walkd up my friend told her we all gona f### her and she said ok lol, thn i soked the heck outa her face with a huge water gun, lol it was sooo funny. we even rode back by her a few times to f### with her lolol. she was SOKED
    Ain't got a clue... I don't even know how to look at my trophies in Red Dead. :lol:

    Haven't played on my friend's PS3 since I got Live working on my 360, either. And no, I don't care what achievements I have either. :p
    The "what are you thinking about?" thread was accidentally deleted by Prinny. You probably lost those 30-or-so posts from that.

    ... Why are ya watchin' your post count so closely? >_>;
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