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  • im bord, im at my friends 2night. prob not sleepin. AND i didnt even get to go the strip club 2night. this sucks.................. i was want'n a booty dance soooo bad lololol
    cant say on here, i'll tell u on wii bout guy. btw we gotta re send eachother wii codes cause aaaaa lol i fried my wii, i was gonia get my fukin laptop fixed but im buyin another wii 2marro and hackin it 2marro, soooo. i'll b back soon btw piav will b my new clan namellll piav. jst guess what it means. its simple. its a very common saying
    But yeah, I probably would do better with only a single team mate that doesn't suck. I've never managed to find a random who wants to go with just the two of us and then survives past wave 15, though...

    srsly. You're the only person to report somethin' in awhile. :lol:
    I'd of thought that the player going for the coffin should go for it by throwing a bait, while the others dynamite the crowd once their numbers peak at the location. On the rare occasions there's enough team synergy (and intelligence) between the bloody randoms, early rounds end instantly and the later rounds are significantly quicker with this method... In my experience, anyways. Tossing a holy water to open the later waves via this strategy makes things even quicker. And so long as everyone rotates turns going for the coffin, nobody gets lower than 2 bait and 2 dynamite , so whenever we're in a bad pinch we won't be entirely ****ed (namely me getting cheaply downed by headshottin' retchers... I can't tell you how much this happens to me x_x).
    Also, Hybrid mah boi, you're the only one that consistently reports post anymore... Well, actually, you're the only one who reports posts these days. And for that, you have my thanks. :D ALSO, lol that the now-IP banned scrub never got to diss Prinny.
    Wave 53? ... ... ... What the ****??? How in god's name could you possibly manage that? ._. I ain't got a mic for coordinated effort, and all I play with are score-grubbin' sunovabitch randoms, therefore, I thought gettin' to Wave 40-something was incredibly impressive... I'm sure you blew my score of 300,000-somethin' out of the water too, 'specially since that was achieved with only two people. There goes my pride as a self-proclaimed godly Undead Overrun expert. :lol: Tell me your secrets, son. ;_;
    We're both Red Dead'ers, and yet we've never spoke of it... MADNESS!

    What's the highest wave ya've gotten to in Undead Overrun? :lol:
    Muk has better stats than those fake plastic Magikarp everyone uses... ? NOWAIIMPOSSIBRU

    I pity heretic fools such as yourself, of whom cannot comprehend the true power of 'Karpdom... May your death by splash by merciful, quick, and painless.
    So, Muk to you is as Karp to me, eh? I'm curious where the **** your love of the sludgy bastard is inspired from. :lol: Can't say I've ever known a Muk fan. Brawl Guru isn't just a title of fighting prowess, my friend. Knowledge, dedication, skill, and fortitude are what brought me the title. You'll have to kill me a thousand times over and then some if you even want a shot at stealing it from me. ;) Being a son of a ***** isn't something to be proud of. :p
    well of course ivy is BOSS! i havnt played black/white, i havnt played any pokemon since i beat soulsilver which was like the month after the game came out, but my all time favorite game is Pokemon Colliseum for GC
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