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  • Hey, you can put pictures in your signature by clicking the icon that looks like an picture frame.
    There should be like this bar on top after you click "Edit Signature" and right next to a little globe you can add a picture.
    Then just copy the URL of the picture and paste it there!

    A lot simpler way is to just copy the image and paste it in the signature.
    Some mushrooms for you:
    Happy New Year ZingGirlie!
    Hey what is your SSBB code, mine is 2322-9937-7809 please add me and tell me yours on my page. :)
    Wolconlic? Doesn't brawl have a 5-character limit?
    What is your SSBB friend code?
    (Super Smash Bros Brawl)
    You're a fan of SSBB? What's your friend code?
    (Post it on my page please)
    My friend code is 2322-9937-7809 and my name is in my signature. Add me :D
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