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  • Go to youtube and watch it then. It was only the iceicebaby song.:lol:.
    Hey Ice...I have added you to my Friend List of COD: Reflex. My code is:

    Adding Pinplup (Venom) as well.

    Sorry man. I consider that pretty good, but I can't keep up with a clan by myself. No one ever wants to help out. I'm pretty sure I gave you the password. If you want, you can re-open it, and recruit people.
    Ah, I'm sorry. Apparently, most people left. I'm really sorry, but its basically done. I can't keep a clan with everything going on in my life. Speech and Debate, Track, Cross Country, and girl problems. I dont see clan in that list...and I'm getting MW2 for Christmas, so I wont play reflex that much.
    man whats up with the clan its it still going im confused ... im the only one still with gia in my name...?
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