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  • You wanna play Super smash bros brawl whit me online wi-fi connection. Send a message back xppppp:wiiconsole:
    O_O well just dont get to addicted bro
    IM BACK XD, well anyway my sister probably almost typed wqhile writing a report e-o
    Yea thats how much shes on the internet
    My golden days of trolling aren't on here anymore. I've pretty much tamed myself.
    (If only '09 were back.)

    But, I usually do the rest of it down on IMVU, when I'm utterly bored. ;p
    I have died of dead.... :p


    Well its summer so i really dont get on the comp much
    And im stuck in quite a problum...
    Long story short... I woke up in another city and nao im stuck here...
    I dont own bral anymore... (sorry brawl buddies)
    And i got a job so when i do have access to the internet i check my facebook. (because im addicted!<3)
    butt i promis that when i go back to were i belong. (lets hope our false god makes that soon... I shall be here ALOT more often to talk and catch up on things...
    Again im sorry and....
    I effin love yuhh guys! :,D <3
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