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  • Mine is (AoW) Sparky. I don't have you in my friends in the game. I think I'm waiting for you to accept me.
    yeah, you too, i was trying like crazy to stop you from 5 dom'ing me but i think it was more like 7 or 8 before i got you. anyways sorry i got kinda crappy towards the end, i think my limited skills turn to mush after midnight.
    Hmm that's weird,I added your FC# but have you added mines.And what's up with MKFAN20 I mean he's on the (AoW)/[WC] members list,someone should tell him to make a decision (>_<).IDK if you or me have a FC glitch or what.
    Don't worry, where ever you go I'll follow as well whether you join another clan:thumbsup:.BTW the .pwn clan seems to be defunct so whatever.It's hard to find recruits/friends that are as die-hard as you so it makes sense to end Akatsuki.You should tell (AoW) about me :), cuz I'll join.I can't wait to play with some of your old .pwn friends like struggle and Woadie,you should tell them to add me:yesnod:.Have you ever played with Chino D aka (WC) AI,that guy is really good in fact a beast, I played with him on Heroes the other day and he had like a 53 eliminations and 4 deaths as Bond :/ and it was on Docks.That guy is the meaning of aggressiveness :'( and he barely camps.I think he would be a nice addition to (AoW)+he seems to be a good host even though he was losing in Sewers against some 45+.Imma try to talk to him and add his FC#,you should add him as well.
    Hi Mate,

    I've added you. My FC is 3580-3606-0338

    See you on the battlefield!

    Dorian (aka Agent D)
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